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How a Cow can Change a Life!

It is said in Rwandan culture that to receive a cow is a sign of deep friendship and a cow with a name will produce more milk. Therefore it is a real community celebration to have a cow named Celebrations. 

Update Report

INSPIRE!africa is one of the organizations which support Solace Ministries, to comfort and help survivors of the genocide beneficiaries to develop themselves. Among other things, INSPIRE!africa supports Solace Ministries specifically through supplying funding for cattle and livestock. 

The goal for each family was to have at least a minimum income of $200 a month. Cows were concluded as an ideal means to reach this goal, and so far, five families have received cows from INSPIRE!africa. 

For the families who have already received cows, there is a vivid positive change in their lives and their way of living. As a result of the cows these families are able to sell milk and therefore have an income to cater for their daily needs. 

Cattle have always had an important role to the Rwandan society; during a wedding, they are given as dowry, and if not, this would lead to long discussion between two families about the respective merits of cows and the bride. These talks are always done in the absence of the bridegroom. 

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